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I wanted to let you know about a new review for my book, 101 Natural Healthy Eating Tips, that was just posted on About.com’s Teen Health site. You can read the review here. Also, the nice vegan blog Vegan Lunch Box did a review of my book which you can read here.

If you’ve read my book, I’d love for you to write a review on Amazon. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts, concerns, and questions!



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Book Now Available!

My book, 101 Natural Healthy Eating Tips, is now available on Amazon!



If you enjoy this blog, PLEASE support by buying the book! This book gives the foundation for a natural, healthy diet. It explains which nutritious foods to emphasize and which unhealthy foods to eliminate and why. It covers issues like weight loss, physical wellness, deciphering nutrition labels, understanding food allergies, eating organically, taking supplements, and selecting food with respect for the environment. It also offers food preparation tips and a number of easy, healthy recipes. The book is all about healthy eating with a natural approach, emphasizing whole, unprocessed foods… and the unbelievable benefits that result!

For those who don’t know, I wrote the book last summer for LifeTips, a publishing company that puts out a series of “101 Tips” books. If you buy the book, I encourage you to write a review on Amazon and tell your friends! Thank you for all your support.


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Quotes from “Death by Supermarket”

I’m currently reading a great book called Death by Supermarket: The Fattening, Dumbing Down, and Poisoning of America by Nancy Deville. It’s a great book with a lot of good points and no-nonsense knowledge. The book is all about an emphasis on “real food,” not the “factory food” that Americans consume regularly (even diet fare). The book claims that all health problems are linked to our obsession with factory-produced cuisine that’s loaded with chemicals and artifical ingredients. I really suggest checking it out! While I don’t agree with everything that’s said, most of it holds very true for me.

Just wanted to share a few quotes from the book that I enjoyed:

“The food industry addicts us to their products, fattens us up, makes us depressed and sick, and then, backed by our medical community and government, the diet and drug industries profit by selling us diet products that perpetuate malnutrition and drugs that exacerbate our health problems.”

[Comedian Bill Maher in his 2005 HBS stand-up special]
“Last year we passed in our Congres this giant Medicare entitlement prescription drug bill… And it’s going to cost literally trillions and trillions of dolalrs. And while they were debating this, nobody ever stood up and said, ‘Excuse me, but why we so sick?’ Could it be that we eat like Caligula? You know the top five of these prescription drugs that are so popular, they’re all antacids, antibloating medicines, digestive aids, all things to put out the fire in our stomach from the poison we call lunch. Folks, it’s the food. I know that people hate to hear that. But when you look at those ads on the evening news at night, people farting and burping and bloating, it’s all sh*t trying to get out of you. Take a hint… You’re not going to die from secondhand smoke, or SARS, or monkey pox. It’s the food. The call is coming from inside the house. The killer is not West Nile or Avian Flu or shark attacks. It’s the buffalo wings. It’s the aspartame and NutraSweet, and the red dye number two and the high fructose corn syrup and the MSG and the chlorine and whatever sh*t is in special sauce.”

Very blunt, but couldn’t be more right, in my opinion. Again, I suggest reading the book if you’re at all intrigued by this!

Eat well,

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